Why do I write?

I would like to break the question above into two other ones: Why do I write seriously? and Why will I continue to write?

Why do I write seriously?

Writing seriously means a lot to me.

I find writing seriously necessary to understand popular culture. I think in this sense, writing helps to understand more about what it seems to ‘naturally’ be, what everyone accepts without coming to ask why. Why are things their ways? Are they based on good natures or motives? If not, then why? I would really love to be conscious of what is happening around me instead of just going with the flow, which means letting in indiscriminately the either good or bad substances of life. Sometimes things are their ways not because of the people want them to be, but it’s all about the society that structures all the standards and stereotypes that guide our social beings along. I think I am then talking more about how I come to attain knowledge. Instead of relying on the instructors – for example, parents or teachers – that I had at the earlier stage of my life to explain me on things, I have come to establish a way of getting the answers myself. This is a good thing because I can practice independence in thinking. As I come to ask and find the answer myself, I am exposed to a good variety of perspectives that are either challenging (in a way that is superior to my awareness) or different from what I am always told. Writing gives me a tool to approach things as it is, rather than as reflected by others’ guidance.

For example: It is really surprising to me that most writers finish their writing at coffee shops. Isn’t the cacophony at the coffee shops meant to abandon their people’s attention span? However it seems that coffee shops are not a source of distraction, but even the acceralation of concentration. I really want, by writing, to look from my case to explain this, and then try to find out if that applies to others. Or, the other example I want to give is when a very well-known film-maker looked at a documentary film on a disabled man and said about him as strong as he related to Christianity and Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence. I was then really curious about why he came up with the idea and I did some research about the aforementioned concepts and then did a piece of writing to put them together.

I find writing seriously appropriate for me to occupy my time well. As I turn 18, I find out that the place at which I spend most time, which is the university and family, is not the place where I want to be mostly influenced. I may want to associate with the dedicated professors there but I sure want to get detached from all the drama of such a girl-dominant school. There are other environments that offer me more of academic information into fields I want to understand and less of cliched structures (I’m just saying) – which I am immersed in. I then write to address the problems I am in. Set the priority for certain things. Be more selectively concentrated. Use my time more wisely.

Also, writing seriously allows me appreciation for how words are selected, sentences are constructed and meaning is implied – most of the time requiring reading between the lines. Up till now, I very much adore Ian McEwan for his creativity, sometimes even flowery, in arranging words.

Why will I continue writing?

In the meantime, I am writing for my own sake. I have never published any of my writing. But who would not want their writing get to people? At the same time, I am also giving myself a targeted audience.  Who will be affected by my words? In what way will they be?

On the way of exploring the world, I have come to figure out that different people will possess a different hierarchy of needs. This means that one may put the patriotism to the top of their priority when one might then take their own goods more seriously than anything else. Any exclusion of factors that benefit the society as a whole is of no good. So as a writer, I wish to put more weight on parts that people may easily take for granted in their lives and at the same time put more blame on what people consider best in their period of time.  People can disagree or agree on the perspective I give. But they should be aware of that, not letting things pass by without a single tint of acknowledgement. It’s against civilization.

As a to-be-journalist, I am working to make my words both informative and accessible to people. I have come to know about the role of a professional journalist. It is not about the reporting, certainly. At a certain level, a journalist in my dictionary extends the knowledge that he/she is fortunately in possess of to a larger group of people. I am working to one day when people read my writing, they will utter “Oh! Then I know why!” as they come to understand what they all the time practice but never notice why. Then if the things they are doing harm them, I wish to provide also an advice or suggestion of great help.

For example: I was acknowledged about the relation between advertising and gender roles. And for the most part of the enlightenment, I have come to understand it’s such a case of media abuse for benefit. I have come to understand the roles in which MNCs play in small, developing countries like Vietnam in terms of globalization. It’s, to some extend, doing more harm than good. People should be aware of that. I deem it is called social awareness.


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