Nhật ký

And this too shall pass.

Jan 25

“Keep well bro, gonna fuckin miss you much. Drive safe, txt me when you get back”

“Well I’m gay, just in case you dont remember LOL”

“Keep it for me, give me back when you want”

Jan 26

“Sleeping? I’m home. Txt me you bank account after getting up aight? Sweet dream girl”

“So, how much can I take btw? :-“. Kidding, cheers. And is everything ok with your mom so far?”

“Sorry bout that, it’s partly on me. Let me know if I can do sth to make it better aight?”

“She’s your mom though, stay low for a while after all would be better =P. Anw, just checked out the clip from that day, I sounded rediculously weird in it lol”

“Sure sure, will do bro. Any plan today?”

“Beginning my day with mah friends and lil sis surrounding mah bed watching me silently like Im a rare species or sth, which fuckin freaked me out, yet made me LOL”

“Of course not just simply watching, after freaking me out they started talking sarcastic funny shit together, and I was the victim as usual”

“Oh come on, you know a bunch, gimme the reason why I should reveal more? Such a greedy girl +.+ lol”

“Yeah, yet only from the outside. Except mah arms, thighs, legs, chest, belly and back you know nothing bout my inside. Lol”

“Nope, i’m just saying to somehow switch off you confidence bout knowing me =p. Mah way of thinking or your way are both fine by me, it’s up to you smart girl”

“Thanks, it physically worked though. Sorry but I’m kinda confused, which one doesn’t matter, mine or your =) ?”

“Uh huh, agree. Though you never know what will happen”

Jan 27

“Woke up after seeing you in my dream and realised I… havent paid back my debt yet =P. But I got the wrong Acc, so txt me back asap pls cos cannot call you, tks”

“…Yeah, from your side ! Mine was too fine. They said this sequence (0310101211069) was not enough”

“Is that so ? How comes it could be so fast.. Anw, it’s good to hear the txt”

“Lol don’t need to be too detailed like that, the nice staff fixed it for me. So money checked, anything else that I faggot?”

“…I’m getting old, keep it for me pls. Oh here is the clip’s name : Hanoi trip in the back seat, check it out ;)”

“Make sure to get back ! I know I can count on you bro, lol. How’s the clip?”

“Face to face aight? I don’t trust fast transmission or sth like dat”

“Otherwise, it’s in your hand, so up to you =)”

“C’mon, I’m taking shower, cannot focus on too many things at the same time”

“Well, it’s your bad you nasty mind =P I’m just tryna find sympathy between a pretty guy and manly girl. Anw, it was kinda long but 2 hella’ dreams for sure, so save it for bedtime aight? Gotta go, will ttyl”

“Still awake? Daddy’s home and it’s time for bedtime storiesss =P”

“How’s it, my voice was fun aight? Anw, don’t know which category should I put in, lol”

“The’ lai no’i tieng Viet nhe cos’ I find it weird speaking English while it ain’t our mother tounge =P. Cam on em, anh coi do’ nhu loi khen”

“Lol, nho vay tieng Viet no mo’i thooo*. The’ tuy ben do chon lua… em trai hay ku gi da’y thi tuy =P. Hay da, lan dau dc khen ha’t hay nen hoi boi roi do ma”

“Nghe co’ ve nu~ ti’nh, ma da coi xong clip kia nua~ thi la du’ng nu~ tinh luon do’ ==”. Oke, mo* gi mai~ tan tu khi mo’i ve, chac do an oa’n no nan giang ho”

“Cha biet nua~, ngu deu dan, co dieu sang day k tha’y minh nam tren giuong. Hom dau mo* kieu nhu marvel, siu nhan quan do? voi siu quan xanh, co dieu anh vai nu~, vai~ ca mo* ==”. con me. em kieu nhu Nick Fury, dc cai hay ngan can 2 du’a lam nv chung. Sau do’ nho’ la cang cuu’ thi city cang nat tét bét”

“Em thi muscle nga^u roi, doi het gioi tinh. Ko nho’ lam nhung hinh nhu lu’c moi thu’ tét lét, em dang che cho cho anh thi, luc do’ giat minh ma’t. Phòng co tràng ky? ma cho~ do’ de lap nen hay tie.n tha^n ngu ngay, luoi lan qua giuong”

“Lol, han la va.y luon do’ dan choiii, nhung la mo* thoi nhé. Giac mo* tiep theo thi ho*i ngo^., co ve thu.c te’ hon, gioi tinh k mo* mang nua. No bdau tu hsau”

“Say thi ngu lau roi, h nay hinh nhu moi bdau coi phim ma dan choiii;)) nay anh di choi voi dua ban ti thoi. Giac mo* thu’ 2 bdau khi anh la hoa si ngheo hay gi day len tp, kien truc co kinh lam nhung moi ng lai an mac hien dai. Khi do dang xem trien lam tranh o quang truong lon thi thay em cung dang xem”

“Hay da, kho vay cung nghi ra dc nua ha=P thuong thi mo* ma nho’ cung la ki tich roi do’. Xong lai gan em, em cuoi, khi do’ hoi tu ti nen k lam quen, 1 luc sau em chu do.ng trc. Lu’c ca hai dang nc lam quen gi day thi ca nha em la.i, me co ve k thich nen ga.t em ra. Nhung ba em lai vui ve hoi han roi anh con dc di chung voi moi ng den noi nao do. Sau con dai nhung lai quen ma’t. Dieu la. la anh tha’y rat ro mat ba em, hinh dang cung to cao hon anh nhung hien”

“Ngo^. la cho do, sau do’ thi… co gang het su’c nhung nho’ het noi. Noi chung la giac mo lung chung. Bedtime story xong roi, con nit buon ngu chua?”

“Hay da, thiet da ta – da ta qua di, *xìa tay* nghe don hoang thuo.ng k chi co khen nhi:-“. Chi.u em, mo* sao ma ngoai doi vay thi anh bi ai ma’y lan r ==””

“O*, the’ Khai binh thuong nhu nao thiet la va.n moi no^i co^ng cung k biet do’ ma, the cao nhan co the cho biet dc k? Lol”

“Than trai da.m truong, la. nuoc la cai :3 h thi ca ve voi nuoc, lol. Anw, co lan nghe dua ban noi kieu nhin m nhu tam than phan liet hay gi, len xuo’ng theo ngay do~ k kip. Khi nao nha em du lich the’? Co ghe qua HCM k;;)”

“Late is better than never, thanh noi vay da’y =P. da^n choi ben do’ co ve thich dc mo*, the neu co’ mo* thi nho’ lai de toi mai giao luu nghe? Lol”

“Lol, nho’ lai thay cai~ lon it co lien quan, coi phim ngoa.i ma het ariel roi lai Bi oi dau ho’i. Anw, kieu cung quen nen h mo’i dang lan vòng vòng day”

“Nhung nam 1 cuc cha ton calo gi, nen k met nhumay htrc, cung kho ngu hon:P. Anw, 1 2…ai nam tre hon thi khoi ngu, lol Em ngu ngon nghe. P/s co mo thi nho nghe”

“… Ha^m ha^m cho doi no tuoi, ng ta noi may ng giong giong hay choi voi nhau day:-“”

Jan 28

“Vua da.y dang cam dt len la thay tn day :O. Ngu co ngon k? Da tinh chua? “cam vong veo” la tieng hanh tinh nao vei==”

“Cung thay vay ah :O kieu nhu mo’i vat lon hay gi ay. Deo cho xem nao, nhung luc gap nhau tra thi nho’ tra cai vong con nguyen ngheee!”

“Y la nguyen so’ ho^t chu k phai la nguyen moi~ soi day thun dau nhé, lol. Sang nay HN con lanh nhieu k?”

“…Khá lớm ! Virtual project thi nhieu, trc mat nghi ra cung kha khá cac the loai nhu.. ke hoach gd, gia dinh van hoa.. nhung thay con lâu nen van dang tim nguoi lam chung, lol”

“O*, the cai day k for a good cause voi artsy ah:-“. Sure sure, nghe vui thatm ke ra cung hoi bi an y’ nhe^?

“Lol, bi loa.i ngay tu vòng gui xe mat roiii. Hay da, the dinh khi nao he.n nhau ngoai cafe ban bac day ha tieu mu.i?”

“Nghe cho sang chanh :)). Anh co viec cung dang di ngoài ti, di choi vui nhe”

“Dan choi chieu di choi h da~ ha. ca’nh an toan chua hay van con bay ? ;))”

Jan 29

“TT – trai to* ? :”> the loai gi ma moi ngay 1 nickname la nhu naoo.. Anw than thiep dayy, hoang thuong ngu roi a? Hoang thuong ngu ngon nghe, thiep di choi:))”

“The’ hqa mo* gi ma phai nt “nho ng than tro giup” the’ ?”

“Co ve do bao hanh gia dinh (nan nhan la chong) :-” The hqa nam tu the’ nhu nao ma mo* ghe the? Hqa anh cung ngu quen mat, cung mo gi xong day nt em, ma quen mat”

“Hqa anh lai “tràng ky” tap tiep theo, lan nay them dao cu laptop tren bung;)) do.c thay nam lung tung the de mo* xa’u lam. Thuong thi ba anh di lay mai gui ve, roi di mua them qua^t. Me thi di lay hoa lan. Nam nao thay cung mua do tich tru~ nhu gan ta.n the:)) lat gui hinh qua cho. Con nha em thi sao?”

“The’ bay h cb lan vong vong chua hay van chie’n dau chien si~ ? LOL. Keu na’u thi anh lam, chu cat tiet thi ho*i nhot @@”

“Cha’c me k biet dang chu’a cha’p dan choi cu’ng trong nha, lol. De me the hien, khi nao het noi thi em bay vao “finish move” roi cho me. ve, cho no nga^u:))”

“Lol, lau roi cha “duoc” goi la map beo cac th.loai nua. Anh dang ui do, lat ca nha moi ng an tat nien 1 noi nen chac cung~ kiem cho di. Nha anh thi dc cai me it uong, ma cu uong la finish xong khieng ba ve luon:))”

“Lol, em cung vui ve nghe, nho’ rinh me ve day !!”

“Happy (pharrell williams), All of Me (John Legend). Cai nay la nhac cua Khai, nghe thu xem co giong k:-“”





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