This Is Your Youth, So Don’t Waste It

Thought Catalog

This is your youth.

This is late nights, staying up until 4 in the morning just because you can. This is no inhibitions, accepting yet another drink or reaching for yet another slice of pizza. This is philosophical talks, planning your future with your best friend while discussing the meaning of life. This is tears and heartbreak and smiles and laughter, riding the roller coaster of emotions all the way until the end. This is quiet mornings, breathing in the winter air. This is warm beds and warm bodies on cold nights. This is crying for no reason and laughing at nothing at all. This is a time of no regrets, of why nots, of invincibility, of mistakes, of learning.

Because if not now, then when?

Don’t be the jaded older-something wishing they lived more in college. Don’t be the person who sat by and watched as life passed them…

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