Phim tài liệu

Nuôi hứng (1): Mỗi ngày một tị

Alan Berliner talking about Dziga Vertov’s ‘Man with A Movie Camera’

part experimental essay

part documentary

part portrait

part cine-poem

part city symphony

— a virtuoso, cross-genre film that speaks fluently to filmmakers of all denominations

filled with

visual rhymes

perceptual jokes

self-referential gestures

a temporal structure transfigured as musical form

also a day in the life of a city

interwoven with the rhythms of the life cycle

— a lyrical compendium of images from birth to death

taught me how to think cinematically

How one person alone with a camera could find beauty, meaning and metaphor in the world simply by immersing in the flow of daily life, and looking around.

the city was a studio;

his visual laboratory,

an unending source of transcendent detail and surprise.

Ôi một gợi ý cho mình thử biến Nhưn văn thành một studio, để mỗi ngày đi học là một ngày thử nghiệm về các ý đồ huhu.


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