Diary of A First-Person Documentary Filmmaker (4)

I am in the editing process. The first draft is to be screened next Wednesday.

So much has been revealed ever since I was to watch all those footage over and over again. So much that I now merely distinguish between what tells the nature of the relationship and what tells just the crafted version of it. I hope it reflects both, as the former is what it is and the latter is my filmmaking efforts I put into the whole process.

And as I listen more closely to the film itself, I can see how gradually the story has evolved out of the big bunch of sounds and images together. Even some visual metaphors have not cost me that much energy to think of as I initially thought.  The pacing between the ‘tension’ scenes and the ‘self-healing’ ones (let’s for now call them so), which used to also worry me (because of my rushy nature), is now falling into order, about which I am so glad.

Patience and tenderness are paid off, I guess. I should keep this kind of energy up, up. I am so happy.


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