Phim tài liệu

Diary of A First-Person Documentary Filmmaker (5)

“Making films does not make you a filmmaker. Being a filmmaker, you make work, you enter into conversation with other contemporary works, and you advocate for works you believe demonstrate the things that are most important about cinema.”

– David Gatten

In the middle of the editing process, I am drawn a little too much to the violent side of my footage. It holds true to my nature in general. But it is not just enough to carry a topic to the end without those tiny observations of the less noticed scenes, to which I am more oblivious than the violence. And sometimes I feel like the more difficult part is to craft something out of nothing, not stressing on the something for too much of the film.

Yet speaking consciously of making films as I define an “artwork”, I’d better strike a balance between those two.

*Photo: A meditation scene in the footage. A very narcissistic part of me.


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