The buddha factory

I wish I could reblog the whole categories, both ‘myanmar’ and ‘burma’ of this guy. The portraits are so rich that it is as if I am standing in front of them, talking to them. And I like most is that he mingled himself with the Burmese’ everyday life and got drawn into a personal discovery of Myanmar for himself.

What would I do with the camera in hands when I were to Yangon next year?

Today I finally bought the cheap flight ticket to Saigon heading for Yangon! Gut gut gut ich mag gern sie hahha. Còn nốt vé tàu Tết về thôi. Mình sẽ đi tàu Tết để xem Phương với Kiên hồi xưa như thế nào. Đợi nhé đợi nhé.


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