pure Joy

3.30PM, Kệ/Bất-Phân-Tâm,

15th floor, HNCC,

Lương Yên, Hà Nội


To the:

Face against the strong blows of winds at the crack of the window glass. The window glass on which wrote a poem of Tran Dan, English translated version. The window glass which transparently overlooks the rest of Hanoi rooftops and a part of the Red River. There: I heard a howling voice from afar, maybe from the Doi Moi point in time, across this moment of now, of being in a newly built construction dedicated to creative industries. A line that reads ‘No more open door! No market!’. Satirically relevant as it might sound.

‘Dumb Luck’ movie cuts played on Son Tung M-TP background music. Titled ‘What T-Y-F-Ns talks about when he talks about Women’s Rights’. And Sir Vu Trong Phung is so reverable that he came to terms with such an idea that early. Thanks to anh Giang and his humorous sarcasm. I laughed my ass off, but at the same time had fun questioning the artist’s point of view. I love how you made works constantly and each that came later completes the previous.

Surprise at a small screening room of Euro2Aupa, a work by Jamie. How I miss him! Your Vietnamese accent and the curious yet doubtful faces of the copiers of your original Euro.

2 hours on the bench with Tung. Stories of him being a better person in Saigon and with An. 5 days on the HCM trails. I have not lately been patient with other people- I become too easily itchy and isolated. A long time since I last spoke to the heart of someone else. But see, it did not move me as much as the two first things aforementioned. I am distancing, aren’t I?



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